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The Amazon Truck Hit My Car - Who Do I Call for Help?

Delivery services are becoming more popular by the day, and Amazon is one of the top companies available. However, with so many Amazon trucks on the road, it's easy to be hit by one, which can lead to injuries and significant damage to the vehicle. While these situations are frustrating, victims might be entitled to compensation to help pay for the property damages and medical bills for injuries.

Filing a claim against a large company like Amazon isn't easy. The victim might be entitled to compensation if the Amazon delivery driver was considered at fault for the incident. However, it's challenging to get Amazon's insurance coverage to fork over the compensation deserved. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also with questions like what is the average settlement for a car accident while pregnant?

Consider a Lawyer

Consider a Lawyer

Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys has had many years of experience dealing with cases surrounding delivery service accidents, such as ones involving Amazon drivers. If the Amazon driver hit the victim's vehicle and caused injuries, it's wise to speak with a vehicle accident lawyer in Houston here.

Reporting Amazon Delivery Drivers

Amazon offers a customer service hotline for people to call who experience or witness an accident involving one of the drivers. The number to call is 1-888-280-4331. Likewise, people can visit the Amazon Logistics website to get information about reporting a delivery driver from the company.

The number could be called whether the victim was in an Amazon truck accident, an Amazon van accident, or any other type of accident with an Amazon delivery vehicle. However, the phone number is only the general customer service one, so there will be many prompts before one can speak to the live agent. Once connected with a live agent, the victim may report the incident.

Issues and Why Dialing 911 Is Better

Amazon and many other delivery services make it very challenging to contact live agents to report issues. Therefore, in an emergency, the victim should call 911.

Ultimately, 911 operators can send help immediately. However, if one called the Amazon number, they might wait for a long time before someone answers. Even once a live agent comes on the line, they won't send help. Calling Amazon is simply the way a victim files an incident report.

What to Do After an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident

After being in an accident with an Amazon van or semi-truck, the victim should call the police first, especially if there are injuries and it's an emergency. It's unwise to delay and call Amazon customer service because it will take too much time to reach a live agent. Ultimately, dialing 911 is crucial in an emergency.

Follow These Steps After Being Injured By an Amazon Delivery Truck Driver

After the victim calls 911, there are other steps they could take. This includes calling Amazon customer service to report the accident. It's crucial to do this because it might help the victim win their case if they file a compensation claim later.

If any Amazon driver hit the victim's car or otherwise injured the victim, they should follow the steps listed below:

1. Contact Law Enforcement or 911

It's wise to call 911 and report the car accident. Local law enforcement will be on the scene, and it's essential to file a police report to have it on file.

2. Request Medical Responders

Ask the 911 operator to send law enforcement and medical responders if anyone involved in the accident has injuries. This could be the victim, other drivers, or passengers.

3. Exchange Information with the Amazon Driver

It's best to get the driver's insurance information (through Amazon or personal), their name, the license plate number from the truck, and their contact information (phone number, address, etc.)

4. Get Evidence

If the victim is in good condition, they should gather evidence from the car accident. This includes videos and photos of the scene, the damages, and any injuries.

5. Request Contact Information from Witnesses

Ask for the contact information from witnesses or request that they go to the police station and provide witness statements about what they noticed. This might help the victim's case significantly.

6. Seek Medical Treatment

If the victim doesn't get treated at the accident scene, they should get to an ER or doctor as soon as possible to be checked out. Medical documents will prove they were injured, which can help the case.

7. Notify Amazon and the Insurance Company

Now, it's time to call the Amazon customer service number and report the car accident. However, victims shouldn't admit fault or say things that could be used against them. In most cases, it's wise to file an insurance claim with the victim's company and let the adjuster or lawyer deal with the at-fault party's insurance.

8. Contact a Law Firm

It's generally best to avoid talking to Amazon representatives personally. Victims might want to contact a lawyer to handle that. Plus, they will help set up the personal injury lawsuit and take it to trial if needed. They can also give insight on delayed chest pain after car accident.

How the Amazon Accident Claim Will Work

How the Amazon Accident Claim Will Work

Making claims against Amazon is tricky because many of the drivers are independent contractors. Amazon does it this way because it's cheaper and lets it avoid taking responsibility for incidents.

If the driver who hit the victim was at fault and was an official employee with Amazon, it's possible to file a claim against Amazon. However, the brand will try to fight it, so it will be challenging to recover compensation from its insurance company.

However, if the Amazon driver that hit the victim was contracted through a different carrier, Amazon directs them to that brand to file a claim.

When the driver was an independent contractor for Amazon, the victim must file a claim with the person's insurance company. Usually, they only have minimum liability coverage, which isn't enough to cover the damages. In this case, the victim would use their underinsured motorist coverage to cover expenses.

There is an exception. If the driver was part of the Amazon Flex driver program, Amazon provides each driver with a commercial auto insurance policy, though they must carry liability insurance on themselves.

Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether a victim must file a claim against Amazon, the driver's personal insurance, or a third-party carrier, it's a complex and confusing legal process. It's wise to work with the lawyers at Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys because they know how to handle Amazon delivery truck accidents. Likewise, they fight for victims in car accidents! Request a free consultation today!


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