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What Is the Average Settlement for Non-injury Car Accident Incidents in Houston?

The costs associated with a car accident settlement can vary greatly because of the different factors that will go into determining the value of same. Sure, the crash happens quickly, but the effects that it can have may be very wide-reaching and may even be permanent.

When people think of the "average car accident settlement," they are thinking of situations in which there are medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, etc. that the negligent party's insurance company will need to cover.

However, a non-injury accident is not the typical car accident settlement, In this case, the damage tends to be to property. How do settlements for these car accidents work? Is it possible to get a settlement at all? can share information on a rotator cuff tear car accident settlement as well.

An Average Settlement Amount Doesn't Exactly Exist

An Average Settlement Amount Doesn't Exactly Exist

It's a good idea to forget about the idea of averages when talking about car accident claims. Sure, nonfatal crashes tend to have an average $20,000 settlement, but this is not to be looked at as some kind of guarantee as each case can be very different from others.

One personal injury attorney may have a different approach from the next. Similarly, car accident injuries could be serious or non-existent. A fair settlement will look very different in different scenarios, which is why the important thing should be submitting a car accident claim and allowing the personal injury lawyer to assist in securing the best possible amount. They can consult about an average settlement for soft tissue injury car accident.

Typical Damages in Texas Car Accident Settlements

Lost Wages

As the name implies, this kind of damage will only apply to those who were employed before the car accident injury of those who were planning to return to employment. After the accident, the victim may have had to take time off for the sake of recovery.

A car accident lawyer in Houston will attempt to find out what the client's work condition looks like and the extent to which the at-fault driver may have caused a situation where it is simply not possible to return to work.

Additionally, the car accident settlement amount will need to consider, based on the medical prognosis, what lost earnings there may be in the future.

Pain and Suffering

As far as non-economic damages go in a settlement for a car accident, pain and suffering may be the most common of them all. This speaks to the emotional anguish and the physical pain that the victim suffers because of the accident. There may also be reduced quality of life, loss of consortium, and more here because of the situation.

Medical Expenses

This will typically be responsible for the greatest impact in a personal injury lawsuit. After all, this is where the proof is of how severe the injuries that were sustained are.

When injuries are less severe, the expectation is a full recovery and the costs may not be very high. Of course, as the severity increases, the likelihood of a complete recovery falls greatly and the treatment course can be incredibly expensive. Bear in mind too that the course of treatment may extend well into the future.

In such car accident cases, the attorney will aim to account for all the medical bills that have already come and those that are expected down the line in the requested settlement.

What Does a Non-injury Car Accident Look Like?

Injuries have been mentioned a lot since the beginning, but the real focus here is on non-injury car accidents and what the settlement potential looks like in such cases. Starting with the basic principle is good here. If there is an auto accident in Texas, the negligent party's insurance company is responsible for all losses. Apart from medical bills, this will include property repairs, for example.

In a non-injury accident, there will be no injuries, but property damage is still a concern and can be a major one. A compensation claim can certainly be filed the following may be awarded.

Lost Wages

Lost wages are not only the result of severe injuries that prevent the ability to work. The victim's vehicular damage may be the catalyst for a lost wages claim. Perhaps the accident took the person out of work to deal with the wrecked car.

Alternatively, perhaps the victim's livelihood depends on the vehicle being in working condition and it has now been totaled.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering don't just speak to the elements mentioned above. It's a very broad category of damage that will speak to many intangible or non-economic losses. Lost quality of life, psychiatric issues, or the loss of life enjoyment are also important considerations.

Vehicle Replacement or Repairs

This one is one of the more obvious damages that would be present in a non-injury accident. It is the responsibility of the negligent driver's insurance company to take care of any costs that may be associated with repairs or replacement of the vehicle.

Costs will also include any incurred by the victim to rent a substitute vehicle while work was happening on the damaged car.

Where Does the Payment Responsibility Lie for This Kind of Car Accident Settlement?

Where Does the Payment Responsibility Lie for This Kind of Car Accident Settlement?

Many factors will indicate where responsibility lies in a non-injury car accident. State law is one of the most important ones. Texas happens to be a fault state. Therefore, whoever causes the crash will be financially responsible.

It's up to the Houston car accident attorney representing the victim to help prove where the fault lies and to seek compensation on behalf of the said victim. There will be an evaluation and case-building process to this effect and it's a good idea to listen to all attorney recommendations during this time.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today with a Houston Car Accident Attorney!

Even in a non-injury accident, compensation may still be on the table depending on the extent and effect of the property damage. Even if you are not hurt, once there has been significant damage to your vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation.

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