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Do Hospitals Report Dog Bites in Texas?

A dog bite case can be worrisome, especially if its vaccination status is unknown. According to Texas law, anyone bitten by a dog or any other animal must inform authorities about the incident. Likewise, hospitals must also report animal bites.

There are specific reasons that the law demands people to take action when this occurs.

Continue reading to learn about what happens during dog bite cases and why it is crucial for everyone - including health care providers - to report the incidents. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can answer questions such as, "What happens if a dog comes in my yard and my dog attacks it?"

Why Report Dog Bite Cases?

Why Report Dog Bite Cases?

Texas requires a victim to report the case because dangerous dog bites could affect more than just the person bitten. Taking the proper precaution can help protect fellow Texans. can help with questions like, "What is the one bite rule in Texas?"

Supporting Public Health

The dog bite victim should report the case due to the protection of public health, especially if the animal's vaccination status is unknown, as they could spread rabies.

As such, dog bite victims should seek medical care soon after the bite to understand the risk they are in. The staff should also report the case to the authorities.

After determining the risk the animal imposes on the public, the Local Rabies Control Authority could get involved. If the dog is wild, threatening the safety of others, they may capture it and humanely euthanize it.

However, this is not too common with reporting a dog bite. What usually happens is the authorities order the dog's owner to quarantine the animal in a secure enclosure. As such, victims should not worry about reporting the animals for fear of hurting them.

Protecting Victims' Rights

The second reason for individuals and hospital staff to report bites is to protect the victim's rights. People who are bitten by dogs often must seek medical attention, which costs money.

What's more, depending on the severity of the attack, they may have to miss work due to their recovery. The victim could seek compensation for their injuries.

To recover recompense for the dog bite, victims must have proper evidence of the attack, which includes medical reports. Accordingly, they must report the bite to be compensated.

What Happens When Someone Reports a Dog Bite?

Bite victims often fear reporting the incident because they worry the solution is to euthanize the dog. However, many cases only order a quarantine for the dog under home confinement. The state follows the one-bite rule, which means the following steps could be waived for a one-time incident.

Upon reporting, authorities often order home confinement at the dog owner's expense for about 10 days. After this time, the animal must see a veterinarian for testing. They seek to observe the animal's behavior and test if it has any harmful diseases or illnesses, such as rabies.

Following the visit, the animal receives medical care. It could also be euthanized under special circumstances. This does not happen often, but when it does, authorities do this to protect other people.

What Medical Care May Be Needed After a Dog Bite?

A person bitten by a dog may not need medical attention if the bite is not severe and they know the dog owner updates their pet with all necessary vaccinations. Nevertheless, a dog bite could create the following injuries that require medical attention:

  • Broken skin

  • Fractured or broken bones

  • Brain or head injuries

  • Rabies

A person who experienced a dog bite could also suffer from mental issues in addition to physical injuries, including:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Fear of dogs

Filing a personal injury case could mean the dog's owner could compensate for both physical and mental injuries resulting from the animal bite.

Who Is Liable for Animal Bites Under Texas Law?

Bite victims may initially believe the dog owner is responsible. However, this does not normally happen, as the victim must prove the person was negligent.

Texas laws require the following to hold the dog's owner legally accountable:

  • The owner knew about the aggression or danger of the dog

  • The owner did not secure the animal from the bite victim

  • The wounded person did not provoke the attack or the subsequent bite

If an animal bite victim wants to hold the owner legally and financially responsible for the attack, the best way to prove their liability is with the help of dog bite lawyers.

It is challenging to gather evidence that proves the above-listed qualities. However, an experienced legal professional can aid the dog bite victim in receiving compensation.

Recovering Compensation

Recovering Compensation

Victims of dog bites can seek compensation to financially recover damages, including economic and non-economic damages.

There are many Texas laws and regulations that go into recovering from a dog bite. A trusted lawyer can help victims heal from the situation.

What Can Compensation Pay for?

If the victim holds the dog owner accountable, they could have the subsequent expenses covered, such as:

  • Medical care

  • Lost wages

  • Property damages

  • Pain and suffering

  • Mental anguish and distress

A dog bite can lead to severe injuries. If victims seek to recover compensation, they could obtain money for current and future medical care related to the dog attack.

They can also receive lost wages during their recovery, as well as compensation for property damages and any mental suffering resulting from the incident.

How Long After Being Bitten Do Victims Have to File a Lawsuit?

People who have been bitten by dogs or animals have up to two years from the date the bite occurred to take legal action. If the injured human waits longer than this, they could defer their rights for recovering financial compensation.

Speaking with a trusted attorney can help the attacked person understand if they can still proceed with the legal process. They can usually find this out through a free consultation before diving further into the case.

Contact War for You

The attorney-client relationship is critical for a dog bite case. The lawyer works with the victim to properly proceed with recovering compensation. There are a lot of regulations involved, and dealing with insurance companies can be overwhelming. As such, an experienced dog bite and personal injury lawyer can negotiate on behalf of their client.

In addition, the experienced legal professionals of Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys in Houston, Texas, can tackle dog bite cases and fight for clients' rights for remuneration. They go to war for their clients!


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