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What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Sometimes, people who are involved in a legal issue could have a hard time figuring out what type of lawyer they need to contact. It's fairly common for people to reach out to a legal professional who's a friend or family member. If that person works more at the corporate level, they may not even be able to recommend a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers handle the legal process that results from a car accident or a work-related injury. Their goal, in most cases, is going to be to obtain maximum compensation and the right medical treatment, after filing a personal injury claim. They are the people that injured workers want to talk to before they are forced to get back to work.

Going back to the example of the corporate lawyer, it's important to point out that hiring an actual personal injury lawyer after a car accident or the other aforementioned scenarios is essential. Sometimes, lawyers who don't handle personal injury cases regularly may not even be fully aware of how these cases play out.

Who Do Personal Injury Lawyers Typically Battle in Court?

Who Do Personal Injury Lawyers Typically Battle in Court?

This is something that's worth addressing because it can truly highlight the importance of a serious injury lawyer in Houston. It can also shed light on some of the questions that people have in regard to filing a personal injury claim. In most situations, a personal injury attorney will battle an insurance company in court.

These cases typically revolve around the amount of compensation that the insurance company has to pay a person after an accident. People who are involved in work accidents may be on the fence about hiring a personal injury lawyer. This is mainly because they get the sense that they will be suing their employer.

Going to court against an employer doesn't seem like a decision that's going to help a person keep their job. This is an issue that will be addressed later on. However, it's important to reiterate that most of these cases are waged against an insurance company. The contentious issues in these cases typically revolve around medical bills that a person wants to have covered or lost wages.

Since personal injury lawyers are used to dealing with these cases, they'll be better equipped to get their clients a good sense of what fair compensation might be. One of the biggest challenges for someone who doesn't understand personal injury law is figuring out what a person can be legally entitled to. The right lawyer should help their client have clear expectations in regard to the case they're facing.

What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do Other Than Negotiating With Insurance Companies?

The negotiation process that typically ensues between personal injury attorneys and an insurance company takes up most of the case in many situations. What other things does a personal injury lawyer need to be able to do effectively, though? Gathering evidence is a big part of the job!

When it comes to gathering evidence, some of the larger personal injury law firms may have quite the advantage over the lone attorney working in a case. These firms are bound to have more people on hand that they can assign to a case. Collecting evidence in most personal injury cases doesn't necessarily require Sherlock Holmes-level detective skills.

What a decent personal injury lawyer should be able to do is find access to street cameras. This footage can be essential evidence in a car crash situation. Medical records are also going to be key pieces of evidence in most of these cases.

Anyone who's an experienced personal injury lawyer should be able to talk to their clients about the entire legal process and potentially how they go about gathering evidence. These are key points that people who are looking to hire a lawyer would do well to keep in mind. They can also assist with overcoming the fear of driving after a car crash.

Can Filing a Personal Injury Claim Get a Person Fired?

As mentioned, this is one of the major concerns that people have about filing a personal injury claim. It's important to keep in mind that lawyers are mostly negotiating with insurance companies, not directly with the employer. There are, of course, exceptions to that rule, but those cases are very rare.

Saying that there's no risk of getting fired after filing a personal injury lawsuit would be a lie. The law does protect workers and their right to seek a fair settlement in these situations. There's no question that the risk of getting fired makes hiring the right personal injury lawyer all the more important.

Personal injury lawyers should provide clear guidelines when it comes to the client's potential to recover compensation in a personal injury case. Insurance companies are going to want to pay as little as possible, and going the distance in court with them could result in lost wages for the employee. They can also answer questions such as is it illegal to drive with high beams on?

All of these elements need to be taken into account before filing a personal injury claim for sure. If there's a need to cover extensive medical expenses, that could add another wrinkle to the case. Job security could actually take a back seat on the list of priorities for a person who is seriously injured in an accident.

How to Find Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

There are many personal injury lawyers offering their services, particularly to people who have been involved in car accidents or suffered serious injuries in other situations. How can a person without major knowledge of the legal system pick the right personal injury attorney?

Many people will admit that they don't trust lawyers, and in some cases, they may even have good reasons not to. When it comes to picking a good personal injury lawyer, trust is something that's going to be key in the decision process. One of the first things that people can ask themselves is whether the attorney provided them with clear information.

When a personal injury lawyer is too eager to take a situation to court, it could be a bad sign for the potential client. Then, there's the opposite end of the spectrum, the legal professionals that charge by the hour and schedule a ton of meetings that they'll bill that person for without necessarily doing much for them.

If, in that first meeting, the personal injury attorney was able to explain the likely outcome of the case to a person and they felt their chances of getting compensation were legitimate, then it may be a good omen. Working with a law firm that has a proven track record of success can be another way to go. This method can reduce some of the guesswork that people are sometimes forced into to pick an attorney.

Going to a Few Free Consultations

Going to a Few Free Consultations

Most personal injury lawyers, or law firms, for that matter, offer free consultations. It could be in a person's best interest to attend at least a few of these. The experience could be similar to what people do with medical experts when they're dealing with a tricky injury.

In both scenarios, however, it's important to not just fall in love with the "expert" that says what a person may want to hear. Personal injury lawyers may promise massive compensation over a minor issue to get a person into the legal process. Fall accidents are not all created equal, however, and insurance companies know this.

Once the personal injury lawsuit reaches a certain point, though, the injured person could find themselves between a rock and a hard place. The lost wages that they're covered for, even if they win the case, are typically lower than their regular salary. They could potentially benefit more from getting back to work sooner in certain situations.

That's why it's so important that competent legal representation is able to paint every scenario out clearly for clients. Many people won't want to hear what can happen if the personal injury case takes a turn for the worse. It could actually be better, though, to work with a personal injury attorney who explains the fact that negative outcomes are likely in some situations.

Final Thoughts on What Personal Injury Attorneys Do

What does a personal injury lawyer do? Is the answer to the question clear by now? If not, here's a quick recap of the different things that have been mentioned so far.

In most situations, injury victims or their families will visit a personal injury attorney to see what their options are when it comes to getting medical bills paid for and receiving extra compensation after an accident. The law firm may then gather evidence on the case to give these people a clear view of their situation.

Once the personal injury has gathered the evidence, they may suggest that the victim file a personal injury claim so they can have a chance to obtain fair financial compensation. This will usually be the best way forward if an insurance company refuses to provide a decent settlement offer. What typically follows is a court case, which, most of the time, is more of a negotiation between a personal injury attorney and the insurance companies.

Before even thinking about filing personal injury claims, people should consult with a legal professional. Many law firms offer a free consultation; this first meeting can give accident victims more clarity on their situation. They also work under a contingency fee basis where they'll charge only if they win the case.


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