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How Long Does a Construction Accident Lawsuit Take in Texas?

Unfortunately, there's no way to know exactly how long a personal injury lawsuit can drag on for. There are different elements that could make the process longer. At times, the insurance company that's typically fighting the case on behalf of an employer will prefer that the case goes on for several years.

When some of these complex cases extend for more than a year, the person who's been hurt typically will run out of patience before the insurance company does. This could lead to them accepting a deal for less compensation than they may have been entitled to. That's why it's so important to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to oversee the case that can explain the different types of construction accidents in Texas.

How an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Can Speed Up the Process

How an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Can Speed Up the Process

Many companies may want to convince their workers to not file a personal injury claim after an accident. The argument is that getting a personal injury attorney involved in the case will slow the entire process down because these construction accident attorneys always want to take the matter to court.

Without a personal injury lawyer, though, most people will only have access to the compensation that the company is offering, at times, under the table. These businesses don't want to escalate any issues further because it can increase their rates with the insurance company that covers these situations.

With a skilled personal injury lawyer, people are more likely to get their medical bills paid and obtain fair compensation, particularly if they have to miss work. Even if the case reaches the courts, it can run smoothly because these personal injury lawyers are usually very accustomed to dealing with their counterparts from the insurance companies. Neither side truly wants to drag each one of those cases out longer than they need to.

Understanding What Fair Compensation Looks Like in a Personal Injury Claim Case

Another benefit of having the right lawyer in a personal injury lawsuit is that the client can understand what fair compensation is right off the bat. People always ask how long does a personal injury case take? It takes a lot longer when one side is looking to pursue compensation that they shouldn't truly receive.

Lawyers who've seen plenty of personal injury cases will look at medical records and examine the accident scene; by the time they're done with that process, they'll likely have a number in their head that they see as a fair settlement. It's important to remember that time is usually never on the side of accident victims.

It's one thing to be unable to work due to injury. When a person isn't able to get back on the job because of the ongoing personal injury lawsuit against the company they work for, things between both parties tend to get ugly quickly.

Do All Personal Injury Lawsuits Require the Intervention of a Lawyer?

Getting a free case consultation from a professional specializing in Texas personal injury law is always a good step to take. If the lawyer sees that the injuries are not so severe and that the compensation offered by the insurance company is fair, they may advise to take them up on it. Many times, it's better to settle the case in the early stages so that the person can get back to work.

Taking advantage of the free consultation that most law firms offer is always going to be a good idea. Lawyers can help negotiate better compensation deals even if the issue never makes it in front of a judge.

Important Factors That Could Affect How Long a Case Will Last

The severity of the injuries that a person sustained can heavily impact the duration of the case. If the victim is so injured that they are not going to be able to work again, they should definitely seek maximum compensation. These cases have been known to drag on for two years or more, but unfortunately, there are just not that many options for the injured party at that point.

Lost wages are another contention point. The at-fault party may try to minimize the compensation for these lost wages as a negotiation tactic. That's especially going to be the case if medical expenses have skyrocketed by that point.

Some of the most heated battles in court, when personal injury claims are presented, can occur when one party argues that maximum medical improvement has been reached. In some situations, the at-fault party may want to argue that they are no longer liable for excess medical expenses after that point.

Filing Personal Injury Claims Quickly - Best Way to Reduce the Length of the Case

Filing Personal Injury Claims Quickly - Best Way to Reduce the Length of the Case

The best way to reduce the amount of time that personal injury cases take to resolve in or out of court is to file the necessary claims quickly. It's going to be better to gather evidence in any of these situations when an incident has just passed. That goes for physical evidence and even finding witnesses to the event.

When a law firm can present a case with strong evidence against the other party where liability lies on that side, it's always easier to reach an early settlement. Plus, the victim will have more legal options to explore if they're not up against the clock to get back to work, for example.

Final Thoughts

When these cases head to court, they can take years to settle. That's why it's so important to hire competent attorneys that can build a strong case. In a construction accident, it's typically easy to find witnesses who could potentially testify in favor of the victim. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also adivse about the Texas dog bite laws.

Sometimes, though, these will be company workers who could fear losing their jobs if they were to testify against their employer in court. This is why it's important to collect hard evidence to potentially build a case that won't rely as much on witness accounts.

These cases ultimately turn into an economic negotiation. This experience can be quite heartbreaking for the victims. They're seeing how the company they work for is only attaching a monetary value to their safety and even lives. That's yet another reason why having the right lawyer to walk that person through that process is so important.


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