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Types of Construction Accidents in Texas - Workers Compensation Claim

Construction workers have some of the most dangerous jobs out there. It's an industry that employs so many people and that other folks are just so used to being in contact with that a lot of times, the danger within the profession gets swept under the rug. That doesn't change the fact that on any given day, a whole lot of things can go wrong.

This article is not only meant to highlight some of the most common construction accidents. It should also serve as a guide for construction workers who have been involved in these accidents. Through some of these tips, they may be able to find the path to rightful compensation like knowing construction injuries you can sue for in Texas.

Common Construction Site Accidents

Common Construction Site Accidents

Fall accidents are some of the more common occurrences in construction sites. Even though construction sites have to feature fall protection systems, these don't always function properly. When that's the case, workers can fall from very high altitudes and severely injure themselves.

Falling objects can also hurt people who are on lower levels of the site. The hard hats that need to be worn on these sites won't always help prevent major head trauma if workers are hit by falling debris. There's a whole set of construction accidents that also involve the use of heavy machinery.

Unfortunately, in all of these cases, the common types of safety equipment that construction workers wear won't do much to help protect them when the safety procedures that are in place fail. In other cases, it's not that safety systems fail. Freak accidents are very much a part of the construction industry.

What Can Construction Workers Do After an Accident

After a construction site accident, the worker is likely going to be taken to get medical treatment. It's not uncommon to see that somewhere along that journey, this construction worker will get a visit from the company's legal representative. In some cases, it's a person who represents the insurance company that will pay that worker a visit.

Construction site accidents are a major problem for the companies in the sector. They can bring "unwanted" attention to the site. If it's found that legal safety precautions were not in place and therefore to blame for the accident, the company could be facing a full shutdown of activities on the site.

Companies in the Texas construction industry are likely going to want to keep any accidents very quiet. However, construction workers involved in these accidents should look for help from a lawyer right after the incident who can also help with questions like How long does a construction accident lawsuit take in Texas?

Insurance Companies & Their Role in the Construction Industry

Since construction accidents can lead to the shutdown of sites, insurance companies tend to be very active in this industry. It could be argued that these companies play a more active role when an accident happens on a construction site than they would in other industries. What insurance companies usually want to do is get people who've been in an accident to agree to compensation quickly.

It may not be in the construction worker's best interest to sign off on compensation just yet. That's especially the case if this person has suffered serious injuries. They should definitely be looking into other options. As mentioned, insurance companies can be very pushy with workers in this industry.

Personal Injury Lawsuit - When to Explore This Route

Injured workers will always have the possibility to file a personal injury claim. That can turn into a lawsuit that finds its way to court if both parties can't agree on compensation before time runs out. When a construction worker suffers severe injuries, they should definitely explore this route.

Even when employees carry workers compensation insurance, the compensation that some of these injured construction workers will be offered won't cover their needs in this dire situation. Workers who file a personal injury claim could gain back some of the lost wages for the time they were unable to show up to their jobs.

Medical expenses can also be paid in full in a third-party lawsuit. The main reason why more people don't explore this route after a construction site accident is fear of losing their jobs. Reinstatement, though, could also be court-mandated if the worker wins the case.

Getting Advice from a Legal Firm

Getting Advice from a Legal Firm

Most of the top legal firms that specialize in obtaining financial compensation for injured workers will provide the possibility of accessing a free consultation. That's generally the best step that a person can take after a construction accident. It's just a way to explore the legal options that could be available to them.

In fact, it could greatly benefit injured workers to visit a law firm after receiving an offer from the insurance company. That way, they could get a good sense of what they could potentially gain through taking the matter to court. This could prevent workers from signing compensation documents that don't favor their situation.

The main thing that people involved in a construction accident should realize is that talking to a lawyer is keeping their options open. Construction injuries are an occupational safety hazard in the business, but that doesn't mean each worker should be left to deal with their own misfortunes.

Final Thoughts

Construction sites can be dangerous places. Even though workers potentially don't want to think about the possibility of anything bad ever happening to them, it's a good idea to have a plan in place if things go south. At the very least, they should know which local construction accident attorney to call if they suffer fall injuries.

This may also be a tough conversation that family members of people who work in this industry need to have. Work-related deaths can happen in a construction site. In these unfortunate situations, the family members are going to have to find the right legal help to go through the process of obtaining rightful compensation.

Many workers don't want to explore the legal avenue because they see it as being disloyal to their employers. They may want to keep in mind, though, that the company has insurance precisely to cover these types of issues. No matter what types of construction accidents take place, the people involved should receive proper compensation.


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