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Most Common Injuries After a Slip and Fall Accident and What Victims Must Do

Getting hurt after slipping and falling on someone else's property could completely change the victim's life, especially if they sustained serious injuries. Here's all about what victims must do in those cases.

What Is a Slip and Fall Accident?

What Is a Slip and Fall Accident?

A slip-and-fall accident happens when there's not enough friction or traction between a person's foot or footwear and the ground.

Slip and fall accidents can happen without a warning, and they might hinder a person's life because injuries could be so severe that victims are unable to engage in their regular activities.

When someone is in a slip-and-fall accident, they might be entitled to compensation, especially if they can prove negligence.

However, victims should always hire specialized legal help since lawyers are experienced experts who will guide them through filing a lawsuit. They'll also aggressively defend them in court and make sure they get the best outcomes possible.

Are Slip and Fall Accidents Common?

Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents are very common. People can suffer from all types of injuries, ranging from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries.

It's not the ideal situation, but the truth is that there are negligent property owners out there. In many cases, they fail to warn victims about possible dangers (for example, wet or glossy floors), which results in people getting hurt.

On some occasions, poor weather can also play a role. If property owners don't properly clean their floors and make sure they're free of dangers, accidents are prone to happen.

Nonetheless, even though slip and fall accidents are frequent, many people don't get compensation for their injuries.

Numerous victims suffer from severe slip and fall injuries, yet they don't get a settlement for the medical bills they had to assume. Instead, the negligent owner might win in court, using arguments such as saying that the danger was obvious to the person.

No one should have to pay for someone else's negligence. If property owners acted carelessly, they must assume responsibility for their actions.

What Are the Most Common Injuries in Slip and Fall Accidents?

Someone might get hurt in different ways if they're in a slip-and-fall accident. However, the following are the most common injuries:

  • Broken bones

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Chronic pain

  • Head injuries

  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Nerve damage

  • Muscle damage

  • Neck injuries

If the victim has broken bones, for example, they might be unable to work. Therefore, they could lose the ability to generate income for a while.

Houston slip and fall attorneys won't let negligent owners get away with engaging in careless and dangerous behaviors. They will passionately defend their clients and make sure they get compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and pain.

A slip-and-fall attorney knows about the common injuries people go through because they regularly attend to clients, so they know victims are in pain.

Lawyers want their clients to get the best outcomes possible. Therefore, they'll help them collect evidence, put together a strong case, and defend them when they're in court.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Numerous causes could be behind a slip-and-fall accident. However, for a person to file a claim, they must have proof of negligence.

In other words, the victim must be able to prove that the property owner failed to warn them about possible dangers on the ground or actively engaged in an action that resulted in them slipping and falling.

Furthermore, victims must also be able to prove that they wouldn't have sustained a serious injury had it not been for the owner's negligent actions.

A common cause for a slip-and-fall accident, for example, is a property having wet floors and owners failing to alert clients of it. Poor weather and defective machinery lying around can also be behind someone slipping and falling.

Victims will quickly realize that proving negligence in slip-and-fall cases is often challenging because they have to take care of many details. Therefore, hiring a lawyer is often the best move.

What Victims Must Do

When a victim sustains a slip-and-fall injury, they have to follow certain steps not only to get the justice they deserve but also to ensure they're safe and healthy. Here are the stages of the process:

Contact Medical Care

Firstly, slip-and-fall accident victims should call medical care. If they're in too much pain, they shouldn't move from the scene until doctors get there.

In many cases, a broken bone could cause the person to be unable to move. The same can happen with back, head, or neck injuries. Therefore, victims shouldn't force themselves - they might end up getting even more hurt.

Collect Evidence

Putting together the best case is only possible when victims collect the right evidence. Therefore, they should take pictures.

If they can't move, they can ask witnesses or bystanders to do it for them. What's important is that they record what happened, which will help them when they have to go to court.

Attend Medical Appointments

Victims should never miss medical appointments, especially if they have to deal with long-term consequences after the accident, such as chronic pain.

Medical reports will also be part of their case, so they should always meet with their doctors and get copies of the documents.

Hire a Specialized Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is the ideal professional to hire for a slip-and-fall case. They'll assess the information and passionately defend the person in court. Schuerger Shunnarah can also answer questions like, "What is the difference between slip and fall and trip and fall?"

File a Claim

If the victim fell on someone else's property, they might sustain serious injuries that hinder them for life.

In some cases, they might even need physical therapy or other treatment methods, which could be costly.

Victims shouldn't have to pay for someone else's negligence, and lawyers will try to make sure it doesn't happen. They'll guide them when filing a claim and aggressively defend them so that they get the best compensation possible. Contact Schuerger Shunnarah to find out what the statute of limitations for slip and fall in Texas is.

What If Victims Sustained Brain or Spinal Cord Injuries?

What If Victims Sustained Brain or Spinal Cord Injuries?

Damage to the brain or spinal cord rests atop more serious injuries because they'll likely hinder the person for life.

Victims shouldn't hesitate to contact a lawyer in these cases because they'll help them make sure justice is served.

Getting Top Legal Help

At Schuerger Shunnarah, attorneys have a lot of experience helping clients, and they'll go to war for them. Victims should get legal help as soon as possible.


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